Doc. Ing. Miroslav Hájek, Ph.D. - professional background
Miroslav Hájek, Ph.D. graduated in forestry from the University of Agriculture in Brno, Faculty of Forestry, in 1975. He completed postgraduate study at the University of Economics, Prague in 1987 in the field of public finance. He participated in the Seminar on Economic Development and Environmental Management in 1993, which was arranged by the Economic Development Institute of the World Bank and The Foundation for Advanced Studies on International Development of Japan in Bulgaria. Then he completed postgraduate study at Charles University in Prague in 1996 in the field of environmental law. In 1999 he obtained a doctorate (Ph.D.) in the economics of the environment at the University of Agriculture in Prague. The subject of his doctoral thesis was „The Role of the Public Budgets in the Field of the Environment“. Scientific results of his work were published in 43 scientific and special journals. He is an author and co-author of 6 scientific books, he presented his work at 60 international and national conferences. He is an author and co-author of 7 textbooks. He solved the UNDP project "Economic Information, Accounting and Instruments for Environmental Policy in the Czech Republic" - Environmental Links at the Microeconomy Level. He was an Expert of the UNDP/GEF Danube Pollution Reduction Programme 1996-1999. Since 2000, he served as a member of the UN Expert Working Group on Environmental Management Accounting. He participated in the DIMESA meetings and the OECD meetings that are focused on environmental economics. He prepared the International Standard ISO 14051 Environmental Management – Material Flow Cost Accounting – General Framework.

Significant projects:

Co-investigator of the UNDP Project No. CEH / 93/007/99 "Economic Information, Accounting and Environmental Protection Tools in the Czech Republic". HÚ 04 - Microeconomic Context of Environmental Protection.

Co-investigator of the GAČR project (registration number 402/06/1100) "Sustainable Managerial Accounting and Reporting and its Application in Forestry and Industrial Enterprises".

Co-investigator of the NAZV project (QJ1220313) "Differentiation of intensities and management procedures in relation to ensuring the biodiversity of forests and economic sustainability of forest management".

Co-investigator of the NAZV project (43170/2014) "Current and Strategic Possibilities of Sustainable Provision of Forest Functions and Multifunctional Forestry Services to the Public in terms of Socio-Economic, Political and Legal in the Czech Republic".

Project leader TAČR TD020112 (2014-2015) - Regulation of Public Services in Water Management with a focus on drinking water supply and drainage of the population.

Co-investigator of CBCSD project (2015-2016) - Introduction of non-financial reporting according to GRI methodology in the CEZ Group.